Meet Our Staff

Dr. M received her MD degree from medical school at SBMU of Tehran.
Obtained aesthetic certification from Iranian Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeons.
Partnered with the Aesthetic Clinic of Abasabad of Tehran and acted as one of the instructors of aesthetic courses provided to physicians.
She has attained Preventive Medicine post doctoral fellowship at Columbia University of Medical Sciences of New York, and internal medicine residency at Mary Imogene Basset Medical Center affiliated with Columbia University.
She is board certified in Internal Medicine and Procedural Medicine in Aesthetics.
She completed advanced aesthetic courses and specializes in non-invasive facial rejuvenation therapies such as Botox and fillers designed to enhance your natural beauty.

Why Our Experts?

Exclusive Consultation and Procedure

Your care will be directly guided and perfomed by our highly trained and experienced doctors.

Concierge Cosmetic Package

Our doctors will devise a
personalized package tailored to your cosmetic needs to enhance your natural beauty and will be available for you all year round.

COVID Safe Practice

We are dedicated to protecting the safety of our clients with fully vaccinated staff and implementing strict precautions. We will space out appointments to follow social distancing and check vaccination cards at every encounter.

MedJuvenis Beauty Clinic

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